Christine Elias

About Christine Elias

Originally from the Northern Los Angeles area, Christine came to San Diego to attend the University of San Diego. The coastal lifestyle, friendly atmosphere and her family has kept her here ever since.

Her extensive knowledge in sales, marketing, operations and consultative services has been a solid foundation for the successful opening of her company earlier this year. Her diverse background includes a decade as a paralegal at one of San Diego’s premier law firms, human resource consulting and construction services.

Her staged properties in the month of July alone exceeded her goals; all properties installed and serviced were on and off the market in less than 30-days.

Christine enjoys fitness, golf, traveling, art, volunteering and spending time with her family and friends. Christine is committed to providing the highest quality service at an attractive, affordable rate. Transforming a space into a desirable, inviting, comfortable place that any buyer can call home is her ultimate goal. She realizes that no space, client or homeowner is typical. Whether she is presented an empty or occupied residence, she excels in bringing life and energy to any project.